About Us

Hotstar Isıtıcı Our Enterprise, under the name of HOTSTAR Heating Indusry and since the year 1976, has been closely follwing the latest technology regarding the heaters and by virtue of its customers, feeling the honor of rendering better services to them without giving any concessions on the quality. By closely following all novelties and updated technologies dealing with the production of any types of heaters which are included in the product category of industrial type kitchens, industrial type ovens, laboratory equipment and white goods, the production flow has been excellently designet for the quantity orders of mass produced Hotplates and tube heaters. Owing to the regular organizations which, from the beginning of 1976, have been carried out by our skillful and experinced staff, no failures have been ever arisen on the quantity orders and accordingly there exits no problems and delays in connection with the orders.

Our products which have the quality certificates of ISO 9001 2000 and KAMEKUR, are being marketed both in Turkey and international markets. By this way, Our Enterprise has been contributing to the economic trend of our country. Through the quality of its export products and the studies oriented towards the new technology, research and development, it will take its place among the leading Companies